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Better together: Reflex and Frax educational math games for learning math facts and fractions

Break through the barriers to learning math

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Math facts and fractions are two areas where young math students struggle the most. Unfortunately, they are also the strongest indicators of future success in math—uniquely predicting students’ standardized test scores and participation in career and college-prep math coursework, such as Algebra.

That’s why at ExploreLearning we’re focused on the factors that make the greatest impact on student success in math.

Reflex (for math facts) and Frax (for fractions) develop this critical knowledge in a way that is both fun and effective. And give students the skills (and confidence) in math they need to take on what comes next!

Two interactive online math solutions. One intuitive platform.

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ExploreLearning can help you break through the traditional barriers to success in elementary math. Reflex already solves the math facts problem for millions of students every year and now Frax seeks to do the same for fractions.

Each program is packed with fun challenges, memorable characters and stories, and motivating rewards that drive learning. All backed up by proven instructional strategies. And because they share a common integrated platform, classroom implementation and management are a snap!

Together Reflex and Frax offer a simple, effective, and engaging way to teach students fractions that gets them excited and confident about doing math.

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Recommended instructional sequence

It starts with Reflex. It moves to fractions. And it ends with your students learning and loving math like never before!

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Start with Reflex

Begin students in Reflex to start building math fact fluency

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Switch to Frax

Switch students to Frax exclusively for the duration of fractions instruction

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Back to Reflex

Return students to Reflex after finishing Frax to complete progression

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Use Together

Use both Reflex and Frax as appropriate for year-end refreshers and review

When students become math fact fluent, they can move to mastering their fractions with ExploreLearning Frax!

Learn how Reflex and Frax work together to build a strong foundation in math for all students.

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