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Reflex is fun… and it works!

Reflex makes it easy to get students math fact fluent and ready for more complex math.

Assessment, coaching, and practice is delivered via a fun, game-based approach. And because it is fully adaptive, students get the individualized instruction they need to be successful.

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Math fact fluency check and coaching

Students start in Reflex at Crabby's Fact Fair with a quick check-in on their fluency.

With just-in-time coaching, Coach Penny helps prepare students for success in Reflex games using a fact family approach.

Engaging games and rewards

Through a variety of exciting, fast-paced games that require answering math facts to succeed, students quickly build math fact fluency in Reflex.

Students earn tokens for effort and progress. They can spend their earnings on clothes and accessories for their customizable avatar or to decorate their Progress Tree.


Reflex includes intuitive and powerful reporting for teachers, schools and districts. It’s simple to monitor student usage and progress and to celebrate student success.